Multispectral Imaging ‚Äč

Computational Photography

Beyond the visible

We offer more than conventional forensic photography. We employ advanced imaging techniques using high-resolution Multispectral photography to reveal latent or masked traces.

This technique is particularly suited to making fingerprints, gunshot residue, and deposits of various body fluids such as blood, semen, saliva, and skin abrasion visible.

multispectral imaging

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Beyond the naked eye

Our specially adapted cameras are capable of capturing light beyond the visible spectrum, extending into both the infrared and ultraviolet range.

Especially when multiple types of evidence are suspected on an object, such as a combination of fingerprints, DNA, and material traces, it’s always recommended to first get an overview using Multispectral Imaging.

The key advantage of multispectral photography is its non-invasive nature.
It preserves the original state of the trace carrier without alteration.

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This non-destructive method ensures that no potential evidence is compromised during the initial examination process.

Trust in our expertise to deliver comprehensive and precise forensic investigations.

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