Full Spectrum Forensics

We’re Forensic training experts teaching forensic photography

& Crime Scene Investigation


We have extensive experience working with Law Enforcement Agencies & German Police Academies.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes us the top choice for clients seeking accurate and reliable forensic solutions.

Forensic Expertise

We hold in-depth knowledge in scientific, technical, and forensic photography, ensuring the highest quality service for our clients.

We offer advanced photographic techniques, such as Multispectral & Hyperspectral Imaging, Reflectance Transformation Imaging, 3D Imaging using Structure From Motion & Forensic Image Analysis.

Forensic Training

Our Full Spectrum Academy Courses are taught by experienced Crime Scene Investigators.

We train forensic crime scene technicians & have introduced cutting-edge photographic techniques within the German Police Enforcement.


years’ experience
working in forensics


locations: Germany
& United Kingdom


years’ experience in delivering
case study based talks

& workshops


prestigious positions
in nationwide Expert


Crime Scene Investigations:
too many to count

750 +

Document checks

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