Forensic Consulting

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Forensic Consulting

We offer Forensic Consulting in all aspects of Crime Scene Investigation. Our advanced imaging technologies include 3D, Multispectral and Reflectance Transformation Imaging. We can assist in all projects. For detailed documentation of your selected objects or evidence, we can visit your facility and create digital replicas using RTI or 3D Imaging. We are happy to discuss the process in which you can achieve the best possible imaging results.

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Crime Scene Investigation

Services include photographic documentation of crime scenes and innovative 3D visualisations. Our Crime Scene Investigators are experienced in securing of all types of traces, from fingerprints, shoe prints, tyre tracks, tool marks and body fluids. In addition, we offer advice on securing evidence at crime scenes and the most suitable methods to achieve optimal results.

Integrate Imaging Technologies into your existing practice

We can assist you with tailor-made recommendations for acquiring new equipment which can help you to further optimise your workflows. We offer a wide range of training programs to suit your needs, however, if you already have in-depth knowledge in the relevant technologies but need additional support for a specific project, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to guide you through the entire process.

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