Crime Scene Photography

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Professional Photographers

The role of Professional Photography in documenting crime scene investigations cannot be overstated. Professional photography offers a unique ability to perfectly capture the positioning of evidence without alteration or influence, and therefore presents a true reflection of all circumstances at the scene. There have been cases solved purely because investigators had access to high-quality images of the crime scene.

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Professional Methods

Photographically preserved fingerprints and tool marks often reveal more details compared to other evidence collection methods, such as dusting, fuming and chemical techniques (e.g. ninhydrin or DFO). In forensic photography, the result is undoubtedly important, but so is the process by which that result is achieved.

Applying alternative light sources at the crime scene

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Beyond Forensics – Product Photography, We can capture Just About anything

Product Photography

At Full Spectrum Forensics, we not only provide the best possible photographic documentation of a crime scene, but we also apply the principles of the scientific method to document our approach, ensuring transparency and traceability in court.

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