OSINT & Digital Security Services


Intelligence Gathering

Our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Services cover a full spectrum of operations:

  • Criminal Investigations and Threat Assessments
  • Data & Infrastructure protection, focusing on defensive reconnaissance to enhance your security posture
  • Comprehensive profiling of persons of interest & preserving digital evidence.
  • Evaluate risks against individuals or events
  • Provision of executive protection support
  • Due diligence & background checks – this extends to evaluating potential employees, vendors, & contractors for any security risks

Digital Security & Privacy. Here’s why it matters:



Personal information is a highly sought-after asset in today’s digital landscape. As such, protecting it from misuse, including identity theft or financial fraud, becomes crucial. Our services are designed to give you strategies to secure your personal data, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.


We firmly believe that you own your data. Our privacy services are aimed to show you ways to ensure the privacy of your personal information, so that it isn’t collected, used, or distributed without your knowledge or consent.

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Protection from Profiling

Invasive data collection practices pose a threat to individual privacy. We offer services to protect you from unwarranted intrusion, ensuring your online habits and preferences remain confidential.

Digital Rights

Just as your personal life is private in the real world, so too should it be in the digital world. We champion the cause of digital privacy rights, advocating for your right to online privacy.



Full Spectrum Forensics is committed to offering comprehensive online privacy and security. We strive to safeguard you from potential personal, social, and financial threats.

Join the secure digital world.

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