3D imaging


What is 3D Used for?

Full Spectrum Forensics provides cutting-edge procedures like 3D Imaging (Structure from Motion) to document crime scenes and preserve them for later analysis.

Our Sructure from Motion technology ensures accurate and comprehensive documentation of the crime scene.

Bob Scene 1

Create 3D reconstructions of crime scenes.

We capture 3D objects with incredible high resolution. Extend your practice to create precise 3D representation of crime scenes. 3D models are an extremely valuable tool for investigations and can be presented as compelling evidence in court proceedings.

Effectively documentation of evidence. Our 3D Imaging solutions assist in accurately capturing the position and orientation of evidence at the crime scene. This allows for a precise reconstruction of the crime scene and supports investigators in their work.

Beyond Forensics – With our 3D models, you can view any room from any perspective

Conduct a virtual crime scene walk through, or any walk through for that matter.
This is particularly useful when the room or scene is difficult to access, or when later, experts who could not be on site need to be involved.

With our technology, you can preserve the scene in its original state and conduct detailed analysis.
Rely on our expertise to elevate your forensic investigations to the next level.

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